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Productivity Center for Disk

Quick Start Services for TotalStorage Productivity Center for Disk - 3 Days

  • This service offering helps you to quickly launch your project pre-production environment and gain skills to realize rapid time to value. We use best practices to help achieve your storage management objectives and move to the next phase of deployment.




The performance and availability of your storage environment can either enhance or hamper your business processes; we can help you handle the challenges that your network or company as a whole encounters.

New demands for information and data, coupled with escalating IT management costs, and a shortage of professionals skilled in the deployment of emerging technologies are driving the need for more efficient server and storage infrastructures along with skilled Tivoli Associates consultants.

Upfront deployment planning is essential to ensure best possible success.

Expert consultant on-site to share lessons learned and valuable expertise.

Demonstration of how to manage and configure storage volumes using IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center for Disk Device Manager.

Demonstration of how to monitor storage volumes using IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center for Disk Performance Manager.

Understand product features and functions quickly so that you can get immediate value from the product.

Learn skills and gain hands-on experience.

Help plan for future storage needs with lessons learned and experience for next steps.

Implementation and installation of IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center for Disk in a pre-production environment.

Configure SMI-S CIM Agent to manage IBM TotalStorage storage subsystems only.

Create a monitor to gather storage subsystem performance and configuration data.

Basic skills instruction for up to 3 customer designated technical professionals to gain experience and skills in installation, configuration and operation of product.

Complete deployment report.

3 days in duration.