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What is TSM in a Box?

TSM in a Box is an Appliance built for IBM Tivoli Storage Manager.

TSM in a Box is a cabinet enclosure with the IBM Server, Storage and Tape Library.

TSM in a Box is IBM Tivoli Storage Manager completely installed and configured.

TSM in a Box is easy to use and simple to administer because it uses TSMManager!

Why is it an Appliance?

TSM in a Box was built as an appliance to ease the customers experience with TSM.

Appliances are sized, configured and setup to enable the customer to run their business and not have to worry about running TSM.

As an appliance the customer can choose from a small, medium or large appliance to fit their business needs.

TSM in a Box is licensed only for the server and all additional licenses for clients are purchased through IBM Passport Advantage.