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- Configuration -

The minimum configuration consists of one (1) viewer, one (1) collector and one (1) TSM server. It can be extended with more viewers and more TSM servers, but there will always be only one collector.

The collector is a Windows service and performs several functions :

  • Collects statistical (historical) information.
  • Receives and processes requests from the viewer(s) and returns data to them.
  • Monitors the TSM server(s) and sends e-mail alerts if configured to do so.

The viewers never contact the TSM servers directly, only through the collector.
The connection from the collector to the TSM servers is through the standard administrative
command line program (dsmadmc).
The connection from the viewer to the collector is standard TCP/IP on port 1955.

TSMManager is designed to allow the user to easily monitor the state and manipulate the objects of IBM® Spectrum Protect™, formerly Tivoli® Storage Manager (TSM) servers.

Manager consists of :

  • A central collector function that is in charge of all communication with up to 30 TSM servers.
  • A viewer function that can be installed on multiple PC's and supplies the user interface.
  • A web server, built into the collector, that allows easy access to pulling lists for the vaulting function plus it allows access for users without a TSM administrative user_ID.
  • An optional Windows agent for manipulating node schedulers and their files.

TSMManager Functions:

  • Vaulting
  • Backupset generation
  • Alert/Reporting
  • Data gathering (history)
  • Manual operations
  • Utilities
  • Display functions
  • Reports
  • Web access for non TSM administrators